Study visits on October 20th

All study visits cost 300 SEK each. You can choose which study visit you want to go on when you register for the conference.

The pickup spot for the study visit buses will be announced at a later date, but it will be at a central location in Stockholm City.

Seminar about innovative processes in the Royal Seaport 

Study visit 08:30-11:00

The Royal Seaport is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects and has a strong sustainability profile. Here, the limits are pushed to achieve the best when it comes to sustainable city development and the requirements are high to create a district which is something above the ordinary. During the morning the experts at the Royal Seaport will tell you more about our work on requirements and follow-ups, research and development, dialogue, competitions and innovation procurement, to build a sustainable urban district that is on the bleeding edge. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get an idea of what is possible to do with today’s and tomorrow’s technology. If you also want attend a guided tour, you have to sign up for the study visit during the afternoon.

Tour of the Royal Seaport

Study visit 12:00-15:00

In the Royal Seaport, 12,000 homes and 35,000 work places will be built before 2030 and the ambitious sustainability goals infuse the planning and building in one of Europe's largest urban development projects. We will take you on an amazing tour of the Royal Seaport where 4 500 people reside and live in the area. You will see how the storm water system works and our working process with ecosystem services. We will also show you how we work to prioritize walking, cycling and public transport in the district. Before we end the day with a coffee in our mobile recycling center, we take a look at the vacuum disposal system.

KTH Campus – with sustainability as a motto

Study visit 08:30-11:00

The KTH Campus was awarded the 2015 International Sustainable Campus Network Award for its focus on sustainability and a living campus. During this tour of the KTH Campus you will see sustainable urban development up close in an exciting student setting. KTH is the result of campus planning where participation, wellbeing, resource management, ecology and transport and movement have been the beacons. You will see prize winning architecture and good examples of urban development where elements like densification, student housing, and outdoor environments contribute to a living, breathing campus that is integrated with the city.

GrowSmarter – tour of the project area

Study visit 08:30-11:00

Stockholm is a part of the EU-project GrowSmarter, which is a part of the EU-programme Horizon 2020. The goal is to use new technology to implement innovative solutions in the development of sustainable and environmentally smart cities. During the study visit in Årsta, which is Stockholm’s demonstration district for GrowSmarter, we will visit Valla torg, Slakthusområdet and Västberga. We will tour the area, where the goal is to reduce the energy use by 60% when the buildings which were built in the 1960s are being renovated. We will also get a glimpse of smart systems for garbage disposal and waste separation, solar energy producation and sustainable mobility solutions, in one of Europe's ongoing projects for smart cities.

GrowSmarter – a deeper look at the project

Study visit 12:00-15:00

For the ones who want to know even more about GrowSmarter, a seminar will be arranged in the afternoon. On site in Årsta we will explain several of the advanced technological solutions that are being implemented in the buildings and the area around Valla torg. During the seminar, some of the companies which are participating in the project will present their latest solutions and innovations. There will be possibilites for discussions and a workshop to get a deeper understanding for how the project works and to contribute possible new innovative ideas for the project.

Guided bus tour through the Sustainable Map

Study visit 12:00-15:00

Join us on a guided tour through the Sustainable Map, where we will make short stops at the exciting solutions which aren’t always visible from the outside. Stockholm is full of sustainable, smart systems for ventilation and lighting, waste management, bicycle parking lots, rooftop parks and other solutions which contribute to a sustainable urban development. This is a unique experience which will give you a new view on the sustainable, green city. You can experience a sustainable tour right now by accessing the Sustainable Map in your web browser.

Hagastaden and New Karolinska Solna

Study visit 08:30-11:00

New Karolinska Solna and Hagastaden are two massive projects which will connect the City of Stockholm and the City of Solna. New Karolinska Solna Hospital is built as a central part of one of the largest investments ever made in healthcare and hospital services in Stockholm county. The first patiens will be admitted during the fall of 2016. The hospital itself is built to high environmental standards and will be one of the greenest in the world and the building has excellent conditions for being very energy efficient over a long time.

We will also visit Hotel Hagaplan which is being developed in the neighbouring area, next to the hospital. A hotel with modern architecture, energy efficient solutions and a view towards the new urban district of Hagastaden which is currently being built.