Each year, Sweden Green Building Council rewards the premier projects and people in the sustainable building industry of Sweden at the Sweden Green Building Awards. The awards are intended to act as an incentive to continue raising the bar of sustainable building in Sweden and to reward those who are leading the way as we build a greener tomorrow. At the same time, the City of Stockholm bestow one project in Stockholm with the accolade "Two become more", where tenants and property owners have worked together to create a more sustainable working- or living environment for a specific property. In 2016, the WorldGBC Awards will also be given out at the same time.

The award ceremony is held in connection with the gala dinner at the world famous Stockholm City Hall, where the Nobel banquet is held each year. All conference attendees can purchase a gala dinner ticket when they register for the conference.

The awards dinner will be held on the evening of October 18th in the Golden Hall of Stockholm City Hall. We look forward to meeting you as we celebrate some of the greatest achievements in sustainable building of 2016.

Så här nominerar du till Sweden Green Building Awards 2016:

Information om nomineringar:

  • Nomineringsperioden löper mellan den 1 maj 2016 och den 22 augusti 2016.
  • Samtliga uppgifter är obligatoriska för nominering. Juryn kan återkomma och be om kompletterande uppgifter vid behov. Högupplösta bilder som illustrerar projektet eller personen skall bifogas för att en nominering skall beaktas.
  • Lämnad information kan komma att offentliggöras och kan komma att publiceras på Sweden Green Building Councils hemsida.
  • Tidigare vinnare kan inte nomineras igen.
  • Jurygrupper utses av Sweden Green Building Council. Juryns beslut är slutgiltigt och kan inte överklagas.

Nomineringsformulär finns att ladda hem längre ned på denna sida. Samtliga nomineringar skall skickas till This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.